My Fitness Background and Goals

For most of my life I was the skinny, boney girl who could eat whatever she wanted and not have to worry about a thing (the good ole’ days), but around the start of my junior year of high school my metabolism began to change pretty fast. I used to be an athlete until I got injured in the fall of my junior year and lost a lot of muscle along with the ability to work out for a few months. I started putting on a little weight as my unhealthy dietary habits remained the same. I became very unhappy with my body and realized that I needed to make a change.

In the beginning all I knew to do was to run, and even then getting back into it was difficult after not being able to during my injury period. I then got a membership at my local YMCA gym and started to do some spinning on my own and a couple ab workouts here and there, yet I lacked any major changes over the course of a few months. I then tried to add in my mom’s at-home Jillian Michael’s workouts but still only saw minor changes. Everyone had told me it would take time, so I kept this up for about a year until I got so frustrated with myself that I knew I had to make more changes.

I got a new gym membership at one of the top rated gyms in Tampa and decided to get a personal trainer in May of 2017, hoping it would help me stay dedicated and build muscle faster. The trainer owned my gym and specialized in those bikini body fitness competitions, so I had high expectations. After about a month I saw definite improvements in my leg muscles and glutes as well as my core strength! I took most of the workouts he gives me and wrote them down so that I could do them again on my own or modify them. Most of the workouts he gave me tended to be with machines and heavy weights; exercises that mainly target only one particular set of muscles. I was consuming massive amounts of protein per day, and only have one cheat meal a week.

Originally I was excited that I was finally getting stronger and seeing results in my muscle strength, but then realized that I was still not in the body shape that I wanted to be in. I wanted to cut down on my body fat percentage and I wanted my thighs to be thinner. I wanted to be more toned, and I didn’t want to build such extremely large muscles like the bikini body fitness girls my trainer aimed to build. I realized that I was unhappy because I was so stressed about eating my strictly written out diet and wasn’t letting myself indulge or enjoy any meal because of my obsession over hitting my exact calorie count and macro percentages.

This is when I decided to change everything yet again. I started to work on building lean muscle by doing more active cardio, plyometric workouts, pilates, yoga and more bodyweight exercises. I continued tracking my daily calorie intake and macro percentages but followed my goals more flexibly. I would allow myself to go over my calorie intake every now and then or to have more carbs than protein one day and make up for it by going over my protein percentage the next day. I learned that when people tell you that building the body that you want is a tough process and a long journey, it’s not just to seem humble.

My fitness posts will aim to include workouts for every body type and goal, which I will describe at the top of each post. I’m currently in the process of pursuing my personal training license so please feel free to give me feedback on how each workout works for you so we can learn from each other!

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