My Skin Care Routine + Products

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Before reading this post, be sure to read about my skin type to see if this routine will work for you too.

My skin care routine is pretty simple since most of the products I use can be found at any drug store or a TJ Maxx. I don’t like spending too much money on products because I tend to buy a lot of it. I have a bit of an obsession with buying skin care and hair products in general, so TJ Maxx will literally kill my bank account. They have a whole section just for random beauty products you likely won’t find anywhere else and for a super cheap price. I love to try new things so I’ll regularly stop by and switch up some of my products to different brands and pick up so new products while I’m at it – the ones listed below just happen to be my go-to’s.

You’ll see one of my favorite product brands is Arad – its a company that combines old skin care remedies with new ones, using all plant-based and natural ingredients. This is one of the brands I discovered at TJ Maxx and I absolutely love it. I’ve used almost all of their stuff and I’ve yet to be let down. I’ve provided the link to the exact products that I use, but feel free to check out more on their website as they have lots of different versions of each product for different skin types.

To check out some non-face skin care products, read my post on my favorite booty scrub here.



  • Facial milk on a cotton pad as makeup remover – Arad Facial Cleansing Milk
  • Spritz rose water spray on face and neck, then let dry – Eve Hansen Rose Water
    • Make sure it’s not Mario Badescu or any other brand that has chemicals or additives to it – I get 100% pure rose spray or I make it myself.
  • 3 drops of clarifying smoothing oils on forehead and each cheek, rubbing very little on chin, nose, and any other oily zones you might have – I tend to get a different brand of this at TJ Maxx every time, but one good one I’ve found is Provence Smoothing Oil
  • Under eye cream for dark circles – Juice Beauty
  • Cream on pimples/breakouts – Juice Beauty
  • Lip plumper – Too Faced Extreme Lip Injection


  • Just because of my skin type, I only wash my face in the shower and not any other time of day
  • Arad Dead Sea Mineral Exfoliator – I use this every other day or just when my face feels super dirty or has a lot of dry skin. It makes my face super soft after and really cleans out my pores.
  • Olay Brightening Cleanser – I use this every day, especially when I shower in the mornings. It cleans my face and it gives it a really nice glow too.
  • Neutrogena Acne Stress Free Scrub – This face wash is highly concentrated in salicylic acid, so I only use this in areas that have breakouts or when I can feel one coming. (Not for everyday use as it can dry out and damage your skin).

Face Masks:

  • Shills Blackhead Remover and Pore Control – This is one of those iconic peel-off black charcoal masks you see ads for all over social media. I use this mainly just on my nose when its really breaking out or dirty and occasionally on my chin or cheek breakouts. I do not suggest using this on your entire face. This mask literally rips off an entire layer of your skin, which is not only painful on tender areas like your cheeks but can also open your skin to more breakouts since its so exposed.
  • Facial Clay Mask – This mask makes my skin incredibly soft. Its great to use when your skin is feeling really dry and needs some moisturizing or just when you want you skin to feel smoother. I use this mask most frequently and you can find it cheap at any Walgreens.
  • Hydrating Mud Mask – This is another mask that makes your skin really soft, but its more focused on hydration and moisturizing. It stings a bit when its on which is how you can tell its getting deep into your pores. I use this when my skin is crazy dry, especially during winter.
  • Clarifying Mud Mask – This is by the same brand as the mask listed above and can also be found at Walgreens. I really only use this when necessary in areas that are prone to breaking out or currently do have breakouts.


If you have any questions or comments just drop them below 👇🏼

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